Hsink version Info

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7.02 : 13-03-04
System curve representation in the fan step result window improved.

7.01 : 09-09-24
Host name for database web application corrected.

7.00 : 09-08-29
Command line call for data and result file implemented. One line result list made possible for fin count steps.

6.02 : 08-06-16
Problems in license window and help file corrected.

6.01 : 08-06-12
A valid 1 year license can not be changed to a web license.
Improved functionality in case of lost web contact.

6.00 : 08-06-05
Web license option implemented.
Bug in detection of data changes corrected.

5.2l : 07-11-24
Input of fluid properties improved.

5.2k : 06-12-05
Improved copy to clip board function.

5.2j : 06-07-25
Iteration error for very small area ratios corrected.

5.2i : 06-06-01
Bug that appeared when more than 10 curves were save corrected.

5.2h : 06-04-04
Improved air temperature increase compensation for small heat sinks.

5.2g : 06-03-30
Radiation and discrete heat sources can be combined.

5.2f : 05-05-30
Diagram label text style improved.

5.2e : 05-05-19
Memory leak error corrected.

5.2.d : 05-02-12
Flow conversion for cubic feet per minute implemented.

5.2.c : 05-01-21
Tool for estimating channel pressure losses included.

5.2.b : 05-01-20
The division by zero error for some parameter combinations when using heat sink bypass corrected.

5.2.a : 05-01-08
Improved calculation speed when using fans.

5.1z : 05-01-08
Calculation dialog bug fixes. Graph image bug fixes. Improved calculation for extreme hot spot cases. Improved bypass calculation for extreme deep heat sinks. Image added to the Air duct tab.

5.1y : 04-12-29
Improved data change detection. Speed buttons added.

5.1x : 04-12-15
Bug in inlet air temperature specification corrected.

5.1v : 04-11-11
Smaller font.

5.1u : 04-11-03
Panel color bugs corrected.

5.1t : 04-02-26
Shown curves deleted at exit from test data list. Problem with image update and changes in diagrams solved.

5.1s : 03-12-01
Restrictions in demo version relaxed.

5.1r : 03-11-20
Bug with flooding red color in set up image corrected.

5.1q : 03-10-22
Bug 3D view in diagram corrected.

5.1p : 03-09-28
Improved 3D representation.

5.1o : 03-09-17
Altitude input included.

5.1n : 03-03-25
Fin count input made inactive when pitch input is inactive. 3D-image updated when clicking the result list. The heat source input image updates when changes are made in the list. Bug in fan diagram button update corrected. Size info message deleted before copying a diagram to clipboard. Image in diagram updated after save to GIF-file. Manual in Word format included in the set up file.

5.1m : 03-02-01
Windows resource requirement reduced.

5.1l : 03-01-06
Bug in measurement drawing corrected. Heat sink colors made brighter.

5.1k : 03-01-01
Link to Frigus Primore program purchase site implemented.

5.1j : 02-10-05
Program lockup code changed.

5.1i : 02-10-05
Link to Frigus Primore home site included.

5.1h : 02-09-18
A menu that is brought up by clicking on a curve in a diagrams implemented.

5.1g 02-08-20
°C changed to degC.

5.1f 02-08-01
Problem with long file names and file names with blanks solved.

5.1e 02-05-25
A problem with the fan curve edit buttons corrected. Bug causing saw tooth curves for some cases corrected. Bug which allowed the file handler to store files outside its directory corrected. File not found message implemented. Detection of changed input data improved.

5.1d 02-04-04
Image size info in graphs. Heat source table made visible in graph.

5.1c 02-04-03
Edit grid for heat sources introduced.

5.1b 02-04-02
Unit conversion bug for fan curve corrected.

5.1a 02-03-31
Bug in file history list corrected? Problem with fan name save corrected.

5.0z 02-03-28
Problem with program dive when using more than 16 heat sources corrected. Maximum heat source count set to 30.

5.0y 02-03-26
Erroneous warning when using when using pitch steps corrected.

5.0x 02-03-23
Calculation time for discrete heat sources shortened.

5.0v 02-03-07
Improved calculation for discrete heat sources when the air temperatures increases considerably.

5.0u 02-02-15
Heat dissipation specification i result table changed to show 3 significant digits.

5.0t 02-01-07
Improved calculation for bypass flow when the fins are short. Radiation option included. Symbols included in the set up image.

5.0s 01-12-25
Improved graphic heat sink image options.

5.0r 01-12-08
Image size info option added to diagrams.

5.0q 01-11-20
Improved pressure drop calculation.

5.0p 01-11-15
Smaller minimum size limit for heat sources implemented.

5.0o 01-07-07
Decimal separator error in diagram corrected, font in table changed to Arial.

5.0n 01-07-06
Base plate maximum thickness set to 60 mm.

5.0m 01-07-04
Bug in progress counter corrected.

5.0l 01-04-27
Fin pitch specification with 2 decimals.

5.0k 01-03-23
Fin count minimum set to 2

5.0j 01-02-28
Improved channel loss calculation when bypass.

5.0i 01-02-27
3 decimals in heat sink data table implemented.

5.0h 01-02-03
XML out put file implemented.

5.0g 00-11-01
Improved procedure for discrete heat sources.

5.0f 00-09-12
Calculation procedure for discrete heat sources improved.

5.0e 00-09-28
Improved clarity and help file.

5.0d 00-09-03
Bug in library and default directory corrected.

5.0c 00-06-09
Default directory error corrected.

5.0b 00-05-31
File suffix problem fixed. Save diagram as GIF-file implemented.

5.0a 00-03-21
Delphi 5 version, new interface.