This is NatSink, examples

The creation time for each of these examples is in the range 5 - 30 min!

Optimum fin pitch
A large fin spacing decreases the total heat transfer surface, a small fin spacing decreases the air flow. The optimum pitch is a compromise. The points mark the values that are physically possible.

Fin thickness optimization
The lower curve is for 1 mm fixed thickness. The upper curve has been calculated with the internal fin optimization procedure checked. The best value is ~0.3 mm, (not visible in the digram but presented in the result list).

Bottom plate temperature profile
This image shows the temperature profile on the bottom plate of a heat sink with two discrete heat sources. Can also be shown in 2-D.

Bottom plate thickness
If there are discrete heat sources, a thick bottom plate helps to spread the heat but it also decreases the available heat transfer surface. The optimum thickness is a compromise. In this example 2 - 4 mm.

Down load the demo version
This version is fully functional except that the heat sink depth not can be changed.